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Selling Used Machines

SLC Agrícola has a diverse fleet of equipment for sale, which are part of its machinery renovation project. We have the control and maintenance history for each piece of equipment, which is performed through periodic controls, which is consistent with the best practices established by the major machine manufacturers. The management and control of the fleet involves the use of original components and parts in order to optimize the performance and extend the life of the machines. We have our own teams specialized in maintenance, located on each of our farms, which develop all the activities related to the management and control of the fleet. Our sales portfolio comprises mainly Harvesters (grains and cotton), Tractors, Crop Sprayers, Implements, Automotives and Earth moving equipment. Become one of our customers. Please contact us and make your offer. comprasinvestimentomaquinas@ww2.slcagricola.com.br +55 (51) 3230-7851