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Standardized Processes

The standardization of processes on SLC Agrícola´s Farms is crucial to ensure the safety of its collaborators, the quality of agricultural operations and products, and the sustainability and longevity of the production system.

The production processes are standardized between the Farms through training given by professionals responsible for each stage of the process. The use of a document base that guides agricultural operations, composed of policies, procedures and manuals, ensures the SLC standard.


Seeking to consolidate an integrated view on the topics of Safety, Quality and Productivity (SQP) and maintain its standardized processes, the Company began to develop a Program that reinforces these three concepts.

The objective is to evolve the culture of Safety, Quality and Productivity at the Company. All leadership levels must demonstrate value for Safety, Quality and Productivity and any activity that takes place within the Company must include these concepts, as they are inseparable from work procedures.

With this Program, SLC Agrícola intends to improve its quality indicators, implement a structured quality management system, with periodic assessments and continuous improvement processes:

Safety + Quality + Productivity = Culture of Success

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