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Cotton Logistics

SLC Agrícola uses road transport to transport its product to ports and textile industries. All plume cotton is packed in bales whose weight varies on average between 200 and 230 kg. Depending on the size, it is loaded on trailers and subsequently stuffed into 40”containers (for export). Currently, a considerable part of the cotton production is sold to final customers abroad, in which case the Company is responsible for maritime transport.

Soy Logistics

We sell most of our sot crop production in export trading. The remainder of the production is sold to large and medium-scale crushing industries. Usually, soy is sold and picked up at our Production Units. The responsibility for transporting the product to the destination (industry or port) lies with the customer, through road, rail or waterway modes, depending on the region, time of year and customer preference.

Corn Logistics

The corn we produce is sold both domestically, especially to food and feed companies, located in the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions, and abroad, through sales to international trading that export the product. The main mode of transport used by the Company or its customers is road transport.

Transport contracts for the products we produce and machine transfers between our Units are centralized at the headquarters of SLC Agrícola in Porto Alegre (RS). The Logistics Area can be contacted by phone (55 51) 3230-7772 or by e-mail: logistica@slcagricola.com.br.