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SLC Agrícola and its suppliers

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SLC Agrícola centralizes negotiations at its Headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS) and its Supply area is divided into three pillars: acquisition of production inputs (fertilizers, seeds and pesticides), purchases of materials and services, and purchases of machinery for production (machines, implements, vehicles).

One of the main objectives of the Supply Area is to contribute to the optimization of costs in the acquisition of products and purchasing services, in line with the Company’s strategies.

In order to conduct good negotiations, SLC Agrícola has a trained and specialized team that monitors and analyzes domestic and foreign market trends and based on this information, guidelines are drawn up that allow the best purchasing decisions to be made.

Lasting Relations

SLC Agrícola seeks to establish good relations, always maintaining ethics and transparency as the main focus of negotiations. We practice an “open door” policy, visiting and receiving suppliers whenever possible, thus seeking lasting partnerships, new technologies and good business.

In addition, we value trust and respect, as we understand that these values are essential to achieving good results for SLC Agrícola and its suppliers.

Agricultural Inputs

We use fertilizers, pesticides and high-tech seeds in order to ensure efficient and profitable planting. The input packages are defined by a technical team, which along with the market intelligence area meets all the physical and biological needs of the planted crops, maintaining the operation’s competitiveness.


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Production Purchases

Machinery, vehicles and implements

Acquisitions of machinery, vehicles, equipment and agricultural implements that operate in operational activities, from soil preparation, planting, cultivation and harvesting on the Farms.

Harvesting and processing cotton

Inputs for harvesting and processing cotton, such as grease, detergent and film rolls, as well as wire, tape, bags for bales and labels.

Operationalization of the Farms

Services and products for the operation and functioning of the Farms, such as general maintenance, food, purchase of parts, abrasives, lubricants, cleaning materials and office hours.

Works and Infrastructure

Grain Processing Unit - GPU

Silos, cleaning machines, dryers, thermometry system, civil works and electrical and safety installations.

Cotton Gins

Cotton processing plant, humidification system, civil works and electrical installations, lighting and security.

Buildings - operational headquarters

Office, workshop and machinery shelter, storage for pesticides and seeds, guardhouse, etc.

Buildings - headquarters

Operational and visitor accommodation, houses, cafeteria, social club and leisure areas.

Location of Regional Purchasing

  • Av. Nilo Peçanha, 2900, room 301 - Boa Vista District – Porto Alegre (RS) ZIPCODE 91.330-002, Brazil