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Agroindustrial Process

Processing and Storage

Cotton and Cotton Bales

SLC Agrícola has 11 cotton gins for the cotton processing process and from this process generate cotton plume, cottonseed, fibril and briquettes. Always aiming at safety, product quality and process efficiency. SLC Agrícola cotton gins have a production capacity of 8,424 bales/day, an internal space for storing 185,640 bales of cotton plume and storing 72,300 tons of cottonseed.

The plume cotton bales produced by SLC Agrícola have an average weight of 200 to 230kg, they go through a rigorous unified classification process via the Take up room (classification room) and laboratories where they are classified according to their visual characteristics and HVI (High Volume Instrument), thus establishing a uniform standard for all production.

Processing and Storage


SLC Agrícola has 20 modern grain receiving units, providing infrastructure with a capacity for receiving, segregating and storing soy, corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower and other grains. The grains produced are stored in places with controlled temperature and aeration. SLC Agrícola has a receiving capacity of 7,490 tons/hour and a storage capacity of 764,000 tons of products.