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Our People

SLC Agrícola´s People Management area promotes policies and practices to attract, develop and value professionals, aiming at the sustainable growth of the Company, supported by its business strategy. In addition, it develops its programs to attract and select professionals aligned with the values of SLC Agrícola, as well as perform its actions aimed at achieving the Company’s strategy.

Make a difference in the world

Why work at SLC Agrícola?

SLC Agrícola has the dream of positively impacting future generations, being a world leader in efficiency in the agricultural business and respect for the planet. In pursuit of this dream, we work to feed the world and make agriculture more sustainable. The Company provides a constructive and pleasant work environment valuing its collaborators and contributing to society. In addition to its benefits, the Company offers opportunities for growth, quality of life and knowledge dissemination programs, always based on its values and culture.

Our Programs

Leadership Academy

The objective of the Leaders Academy is to develop leaders, successors, and potential leaders in the essential organizational, leadership and specific skills of the business, in order to prepare them to act strategically, ensuring excellent, sustainable and highly productive development of the business through people.

Women's Leadership Program

Another initiative of the Leaders Academy, SLC Agrícola bets on and supports the development of women leaders for the agricultural business.

Trainee Program

The Trainee program is part of the company’s Leadership Academy and includes newly graduated professionals who find the space they need in SLC Agícola´s Trainee Program to realize their full potential. The trainee is involved in intensive training actions and receives monitoring from a qualified technical team in their area of activity, which plans each step of their training and career construction.

Internship Program

SLC Agrícola´s Internship Program promotes the learning and qualification of young students from all over the country each year. Challenged to apply theoretical knowledge in day-to-day practical activities and involved in internal training actions, they develop their potential and prepare to take on positions at the organization.

Inclusive Education Program

The program, through EJA (Education for Young People and Adults), aims to promote the continuous learning of employees, with classroom and distance learning modalities. In 2021, more than 250 employees participated in the program.

The company also has Digital Inclusion Centres, which facilitate access to the internet and computers.

School for technical improvement in agriculture

Another initiative of SLC Agrícola supporting the School of agricultural technical improvement project with the objective of promoting continuing education training for agricultural operation technicians, improving their qualification and performance level to achieve the expected results of the company.


Integra Program

The integration program for new collaborators covers a journey composed of several stages that aim to ensure access to company information, welcoming and alignment with the organizational culture.

Quality of Life Program

To promote the continuous improvement of well-being, through actions and activities that provide access to culture, stimulate health habits, encourage mental health care, and the appreciation of employees.

In the Right Hands Program

The In the Right Hands Program has the initiative that aims to raise awareness and increase the perception about sexual violence against children and adolescents. The program, in partnership with SLC Institute, was launched in 2006 by Childhood Brasil and brings companies together by adhering to the Business Pact Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents on Brazilian Highways, in order to face this serious violation of human rights.

SAP SuscessFactors

SuccessFactors is a 180 + course program that is available to all collaborators. The EAD platform stimulates leadership and provides flexibility for personal development and career improvement. Various subjects are treated as Design Thinking, Scrum,Canvas, Pitch, Intrapreneurship, Digital Transformation, Agile Collaboration and Facilitation, Empathy, Resilience, among other topics.

Sowing Program

The Sowing Program of SLC Agrícola offers professional development for People with Disabilities, enabling inclusion in the work environment and improving technical and behavioral skills, promoting a culture of diversity, through actions to raise awareness of leaders, learning program in the exclusive matrix for PWD, video and booklet on the Sowing Program, internal Brazilian Sign Language course and engagement campaigns.

Engagement Actions


The program was created in 2003 and aims to engage collaborators as volunteers in projects supported by the company. Social Investment is carried out through the allocation of resources from the Tax Incentive Laws and by local projects and campaigns. The GAS (Socioenvironmental Action Group) carries out activities with children and young people from less favored communities. Among these are donations of toys and sweaters, delivery of snacks, visits to daycare centers and donations to flood victims.

Benefits: SLC Agrícola takes care of you

SLC Agrícola is concerned with practicing the best market practices dealing with benefits. In this way, it offers its collaborators transportation vouchers, food vouchers, meal vouchers, daycare assistance, education assistance (undergraduate and graduate), language assistance and work gymnastics.

In addition to these benefits, Fundação SLC manages the benefits of:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental assistance
  • Reimbursement for medication
  • SLC Prev
  • Life insurance
  • Funeral assistance
  • Partnerships with Universities.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The Sowing Program seeks to promote the professional development and inclusion of People with Disabilities (PWD) in the workplace. The actions developed aim to overcome the barriers that may prevent people with disabilities to carry out their work with autonomy and quality. Among the activities of the Program, there are lectures to raise awareness for leaders, internal campaigns, booklet and video with guidelines, Brazilian Sign Language course and hiring an interpreter. The Women’s Leadership Development and Monitoring Program seeks to strengthen the importance of inclusion and participation of women in the company. In addition, the Diversity agenda is one of the pillars of the Leadership Academy’s Development programs.

People Management Awards

For the fifth straight year, SLC Agrícola ranks among the Best Companies to Work in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), according to the consulting firm Great Place to Work (GPTW).

SLC Agrícola has been recognized by the consultancy Great Place To Work (GPTW) as one of the 150 Best Companies to Work For in Brazil in 2022, ranking 48th among large companies. The ranking assesses companies with the best organizational culture based on the dimensions Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride and Camaraderie, as well as indicators of employee satisfaction and quality in Human Resource management.

SLC Agrícola received the Amazing Places to Work Award (LIPT) for the third time, an initiative of the Institute of Management Foundation (FIA) and UOL, which recognizes Brazilian companies with the best, healthiest, most pleasant and most productive environments for collaborators. SLC was awarded among large companies.

SLC Agrícola was awarded for the 3rd consecutive year as one of the best companies to work for in the agriculture segment by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) consultancy.

For the fourth consecutive year, SLC Agrícola won the “Best in People Management” award, promoted by Valor Econômico newspaper, in partnership with Mercer. The company is on the list of the five best companies in the category that it integrates, a recognition of the work developed in the management and development of people in the company.

SLC Agrícola, won another recognition in the area of people management. The company is part of the “Best Companies to Work for in Rio Grande Sul 2021” ranking, carried out by the consultancy Great Place To Work (GPTW)

SLC Agrícola was recognized with the Quality Certification of the Work Environment, issued based on the result of the FIA Employee Experience (FEEx) survey.

SLC Agrícola has won yet another recognition for its investment in the training and development of its collaborators. Encontro Sul-Americano de Recursos Humanos [South American Human Resources Conference] (ESARH) granted the Company the ESARH Award, in the Projects category – People Management Modality, for the “Inclusive Education: continuous learning to challenge and transform” case . The award has been given by ESARH for over 40 years and recognizes the best practices in human resources with a commitment to disseminating knowledge and improving the work of organizations.

SLC Agrícola has always invested in the training and development of its collaborators. As recognition for these actions, the company was awarded the Top Human Being Award – 2020/21 edition, in the Organization category, held by Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos – seccional Rio Grande do Sul (ABRH-RS) [Brazilian Association of Human Resources – Rio Grande do Sul section], which recognizes organizations that value human beings as a strategic advantage for the growth of people and companies. The company was awarded for the “Inclusive Education: Continuous Learning to Challenge and Transform” case.

SLC Agrícola won for the fourth consecutive year, “The Best of Money” award, in the Agribusiness category, the recognition is given by the IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine. In addition to the Agribusiness category, SLC Agrícola was awarded first place for management models in Human Resources, Innovation and Quality and Social Responsibility. The company also won second place in Corporate Governance and third place in Financial Sustainability.

In 2021, SLC Agrícola was included in the list of the 100 most inspiring HRs in the Gupy Destaca Award, which values initiatives that inspire the future of work. Also under this award, the company gained prominence in the pillars of Development and Innovation in Attraction.

For the second consecutive year, SLC Agrícola received one of the most important recognitions in People Management: the Amazing Places to Work award, from Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), in partnership with UOL. The award highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among their collaborators.

In 2021, SLC Agrícola was elected, once again, as one of the best companies to work for in the agricultural segment, ranking 5th in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) consultancy ranking, in the Large Companies – Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola received, for the 4th time, the The Best Companies to Work for in RS award, by GPTW RS.

SLC Agrícola received, for the first time, the Amazing Places to Work award in the FIA Employee Experience (FEEx) survey.

For the 3rd time, SLC Agrícola was recognized as one of the Best Companies in People Management, by the Mercer consulting firm and Valor Econômico.

SLC Agrícola receives national recognition for being one of the best companies to work for, according to the Great Place To Work consulting firm, in the “Large” category.

SLC Agrícola ranked 6th among the best companies to work for in the Agribusiness – large companies category, according to GPTW´s methodology.

SLC Agrícola was elected in 2019 as the 8th best company to work for in Rio Grande do Sul, according to GPTW´s methodology.

SLC Agrícola received the 150 Best Companies to Work for award, granted by Revista Você S/A and was among the top ranking in Agribusiness.

In 2019, SLC Agrícola ranked 1st in the category of 3001 to 7000 collaborators in the award for Best in People Management, granted by the Valor Econômico Newspaper.

In 2018, SLC Agrícola was among the companies considered the Best in People Management, an award granted by the Valor Econômico Newspaper.

SLC Agrícola won the Top Human Being Award in 2018 with the “Sowing Program – Sowing Inclusion at SLC Agrícola” case. The Award is granted by Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos [Brazilian Association of Human Resources] (ABRH RS).

SLC Agrícola was elected in 2017 as the 7th best company to work for in Rio Grande do Sul, rising 3 positions in the rank compared to 2016, according to GPTW´s methodology.

in 2016, SLC Agrícola was elected the 10th best company to work for in Rio Grande do Sul State, according to the Great Place to Work methodology, an institution that operates in 53 countries.