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Leadership Academy

The goal of the Academy is to develop leaders, successors and potential leaders in organizational competencies of the business, in leadership and in specific aspects, to prepare them to act strategically, ensuring the development of the business through people.

Main programs developed: Matrix and Farm Knowledge Management Program, Manager Development Program, Matrix Development Program, Farm Managers Development Program, Matrix Potential Development Program, Junior Manager Program, Trainee Program and Female Leadership Program.

Trainee Program

Professionals who find the space they need in SLC Agícola´s Trainee Program to realize their full potential. Challenged in everyday activities at the Farm, the trainee is involved in training and receives monitoring from a qualified technical team, who plans each step of their training and construction of their career within the organization.

Combining the necessary skills at the end of the program (which lasts up to one year), the trainee can take a leadership position in the Farms or at the Headquarters. Here’s how to be part of it:

Selection Process:

  • New hires throughout the year, without specific selection periods.
  • Analysis of the professional and/or academic history.
  • Test of knowledge of the Portuguese language and logical reasoning.
  • Behavioral assessment.
  • Individual interview with HR and requesting area.
  • Presentation of a business case.


Development Plan:

Practical learning, periodic monitoring reports, supervision by a manager trained in the same area; training modules under four pillars (institutional, people management, process and technical management); participation in a virtual business game and presentation of an improvement project.


Internship Program

SLC Agrícola´s Internship Program promotes the learning and qualification of young students from all over the country each year. Challenged to apply theoretical knowledge in day-to-day practical activities and involved in internal training actions, they develop their potential and prepare to take on positions at the organization. In the Farms, the opportunities are aimed at students from universities and technical schools, in a period of curricular internship, for Agronomy Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Agricultural Technician and Occupational Safety Technician courses.


Lasting 3 to 6 months, the internship follows a structured plan of activities, with systematic monitoring and performance assessment carried out by the internship supervisor. The selection process is carried out twice a year to start in January and August, but selection takes place in April and September. In the Matrix, students of higher education, from various training courses, find opportunities in administrative and technical areas. The internship lasts up to 2 years and new hires are carried out throughout the year, according to the company’s demand.

Technical Training

Technical training includes an institutional integration for all new collaborators and technical training to exercise their roles.

The mandatory technical trainings are:

  • REGULATORY NORMS: 1, 10, 11, 13, 17, 20, 31, 33 and 35
  • Fire Brigade
  • SIPATR (internal week of work accident prevention in rural areas).

SLC Agrícola has a training management platform where several distance learning courses are available. In 2019, 14,799 hours of distance learning courses were performed.