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See a summary of the Results Release for 2Q19 (second quarter of 2019) available on the CVM website and also a summary of the latest quarterly results published by the Company.

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Highlights of the period

(R$ thousand) 2Q18 2Q19 AH
Net revenue 464,408 413,058 -11.1%
Change Fair Value of Biol. Assets 288,258 393,743 36.6%
Gross income 301,427 395,555 30.9%
Gross margin 64.9% 95.5% 30.6 p.p
Operating income 264,583 348,790 31.8 %
Operating margin 57.0% 84.4% 27.5 p.p
Net profit 168,196 211,952 26.0%
Net margin 36.2% 51.3% 15.1 p.p
Adjusted EBITDA  158,913 103,776 -34.7%
Adjusted EBITDA margin 34.2% 25.1% -9.1 p.p
Net debt  1,093,858 1,602,939 46.5%

Marketplace Overview

Variation in commodity prices

Brazilian exports to China in 2018 amounted to around 303,000 tons, growing more than 265% compared to 2017, when exports to China were roughly 83,000 tons. In 2019, this volume, which is maintaining a growth trend, has already reached 137,000 tons until June.

CBOT spot prices for soybean in the first six months of 2019 reflected the uncertainty stemming from the trade war and consequently presented high volatility.

CBOT spot prices for corn rose sharply throughout the second quarter of 2019. Considering the global scenario, based on data for the 2019/20 crop year, this is the third straight year in which corn consumption should outstrip production, this time by close to 26 million tons.

Operational Performance

2018/19 Crop


The total area cultivated for soybeans was 243.000 hectares and registered a yield of 3.742 kg/ha which is 1.4% more than initially projected.


The area cultivated for cotton crops in 2018/19 was 123.721 ha, divided between the initial cotton crop and the 2nd cotton crop.


The corn 2nd crop planted area was 88.917 per hectare. The planting of the corn 2nd crop began in the second half of January 2019, as the harvest of early soybean varieties advanced.

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