Latest quarterly results published by the Company

See a summary of the Results Release for 3Q20 (third quarter of 2020) available on the CVM website and also a summary of the latest quarterly results published by the Company.

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Highlights of the period

(R$ thousand) 3Q19 3Q20 AH
Net revenue 684,900 776,517 13,4%
Change Fair Value of Biol. Assets (121,797) (25,253) 79.3%
Gross income (62,228) 16,805 n.m.
Gross margin -9.0% 2.2% 11.2 p.p.
Operating income (109,875) (34,991) -68.2 %
Operating margin -16.0 % -4.5% 11.5 p.p.
Net profit (96,960) (35,710) -63,2%
Net margin -14.2% -4.6% -9,6 p.p.
Adjusted EBITDA  179,346 234,627 30.8%
Adjusted EBITDA margin 26.2% 30.27% 4 p.p.
Net debt  973,757 1,225,966 25.9%

Marketplace Overview

Variation in commodity prices

The second quarter of 2020 registered a recovery in international cotton prices. The economic uncertainties created by the pandemic, which severely affected markets in general, led to reductions of over 20% in cotton prices in USD.

Soybean spot prices on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the prices paid for the grain based on the Paranaguá/CEPEA reference also staged recoveries during the second quarter of 2020.

CBOT spot prices for corn were highly volatile during the second quarter of 2020, in contrast to indicators on Brazil’s B3 exchange, where spot prices for corn registered a recovery during the same period.

Operational Performance

2019/20 Crop


With the conclusion of the harvest, we once again are revising upwards the yield for this crop, now to 3,900 kg/ha. Note that for the third straight year we set a new yield record, which is in line the Company’s current strategy of focusing on maximizing operating efficiency.


The current situation of the first-crop cotton fields shows good development, with high yield potential, supporting the maintenance of our initial estimate of achieving 1,858 kg/ha of cotton lint. The second-crop cotton, planted after the soybean harvest, is presenting good crop conditions. We currently estimate that we will meet the initial projection, with a cotton lint yield of 1,731 kg/ha.


Corn planting was completed within the ideal crop planting window, i.e. first half of March, which is in line with our projection of a yield of 7,324 kg/ha. The crop has entered the seed-filling phase.

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