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See a summary of the Results Release for 1Q19 (first quarter of 2019) available on the CVM website and also a summary of the latest quarterly results published by the Company.

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Highlights of the period

(R$ thousand) 1T18 1T19 AH
Net revenue 423,297 618,833 46.2%
Change Fair Value of Biol. Assets 239,407 146,497 -38.8%
Gross income 314,460 251,771 -19.9%
Gross margin 74.3% 40.7% -33.6 p.p
Operating income 267,441 185,902 -30.5 %
Operating margin 63.2% 30 % -33.1 p.p
Net profit 169,259 111,381 -34.2%
Net margin 40% 18 % -22 p.p
Adjusted EBITDA  150,502 225,544 49.9%
Adjusted EBITDA margin 35.6% 36.4% -0.8 p.p
Net debt  874,865 1,249,162 42.8%

Marketplace Overview

Variation in commodity prices

In a global supply-demand scenario for the 2018/19 cycle in which consumption should outstrip supply by at least 5 million bales, cotton lint prices should find support in the world market, based on a scenario of a continuation of the upward trend in the fiber’s consumption observed in the last five years.

CBOT spot soybean prices were relatively stable in the first quarter of 2019. In a context of limited soybean exports by the United States to China, Brazil continued to increase its soybean exports to China.

CBOT spot prices for corn presented higher volatility during the first quarter of 2019. The impacts of African swine fever on the global animal protein production chain could create opportunities for the Brazilian chain, since any shift in demand to animal proteins produced in Brazil would drive local demand for grains, increasing competition with export markets.

Operational Performance

2017/18 Crop


Harvest was concluded on the 230,127 hectares in the current crop year dedicated for this crop, where we registered a record yield of 3,756 kg/ha, which is 11.8% more than initially projected.


The area cultivated for cotton crops in 2018/19 was 123.721 ha, divided between the initial cotton crop and the 2nd cotton crop.


The productivity of the corn grown in the 2nd crop was 9,912 per hectare. The planting of the corn 2nd crop began in the second half of January 2018, as the harvest of early soybean varieties advanced.

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