About us

SLC Agrícola, founded in 1977 by the SLC Group, produces cotton, soybean and corn, in addition to working with cattle raising, integrating crop-livestock. It also owns SLC Sementes brand, wich produces and sell soybean and cotton and seeds. It was one of the first companies in the sector with shares traded on the Stock Exchanges, becoming a benchmark in its segment. With headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS), the Company has 23 Production Units strategically located in seven Brazilian states. In the 2021/2022 harvest, production totaled around 672,4 thousand hectares planted.

Big Dream and Values

“Positively impact future generations, being a world leader in efficiency in the agricultural business and respect for our planet”.

We believe that those who have a passion for what they do are committed and do so with the highest quality, preserving their integrity through ethical, coherent and unquestionable conduct. These combined attitudes generate lasting and respectful relationships between all stakeholders, producing sustainable results that are economically viable, socially fair and environmentally responsible.

Business Model

The company’s hybrid business model was developed using three different approaches: predominantly Asset Light Business Model, Maximization of Asset Use and the Use of Company-owned Land.

Growth at SLC Agrícola being implemented in an organic manner and involves increases in productivity and the acquisition and leasing of farms with a high level of maturity. The company uses skills and technical knowledge to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency, as well as carries out the conversion of pastureland into cropland.

SLC Agrícola strives to make efficient use of its assets. Double-cropping, for example, allows for more rational use of elements of production such as land, machinery, equipment and labor and lower production costs.

Additionally, the company has implemented a type of ‘third harvest’ using an Integrated Crop-Livestock (ILC) system. ICL is a production strategy that integrates practices for annual crops and livestock within the same spaces, thereby generating an increasingly stable environment with regards to physical, chemical and biological characteristics. This initiative contributes to economic and environmental sustainability in operations and, at the same time, introduces organic materials into the soil through the planting of pastureland.


For the fifth straight year, SLC Agrícola ranks among the Best Companies to Work in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), according to the consulting firm Great Place to Work (GPTW)

SLC Agrícola received the 2023 Best and Biggest award from EXAME magazine, ranking 1st in the Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola received the A Granja Total Agro award, which highlights the best in Brazilian agribusiness. The company was awarded in the Corn Producer category.

SLC Agrícola was one of the winning companies of the 51st edition of the Export Award, promoted by ADVB-RS.

SLC Agrícola was once again elected as one of the best companies in the agricultural segment to work for, according to the Great Place To Work (GPTW) consultancy. In the 2023 edition, the company is among the best large companies in the Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola was honored with the Exame Melhores do ESG 2023 Award, which recognizes companies’ actions in social responsibility, environment and governance. The company was included among the winners in the Agribusiness, Food and Beverage category.

SLC Agrícola won the Top Ser Humano Award, from the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Rio Grande do Sul (ABRH-RS), with the “Female Leadership at SLC Agrícola: The importance of women in agribusiness management positions” case.

SLC Agrícola has been named the winner of the Anefac Transparency Award 2022. Considered the “Oscars of Accounting”, the prize is awarded by the National Association of Finance Executives (Anefac) and is based on published financial statements.

For the second consecutive year, SLC Agrícola is being recognized as one of the companies most open to innovation from startups in 2022.

SLC Agrícola has been recognized by the consultancy Great Place To Work (GPTW) as one of the 150 Best Companies to Work For in Brazil in 2022, ranking 48th among large companies. The ranking assesses companies with the best organizational culture based on the dimensions Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride and Camaraderie, as well as indicators of employee satisfaction and quality in Human Resource management.

SLC Agrícola won the 11th edition of the Época Negócios 360º Award in the Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola won, for the fifth consecutive year, the “Best of Money” award in the Agribusiness category. In 2022, the company presented the best overall performance in the dimensions analyzed and was highlighted in the “Human Resources” and “Innovation and Quality” categories, receiving first place in both.

For the fourth consecutive year, SLC Agrícola is in the ranking of the Best Companies to Work for in Rio Grande do Sul (RS).

SLC Agrícola won Exame magazine´s 2022 Best and Biggest award, ranking first in the Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola received the Amazing Places to Work Award (LIPT) for the third time, an initiative of the Institute of Management Foundation (FIA) and UOL, which recognizes Brazilian companies with the best, healthiest, most pleasant and most productive environments for collaborators. SLC was awarded among large companies.

For the 11th consecutive year, A Granja Magazine awarded SLC Agrícola as a company that stands out in the Corn Producer category. The award is a recognition handed out by the magazine and aims to encourage producers from various agricultural branches to continue investing in research and business growth of the land.

SLC Agrícola was honored with the Exame Melhores do ESG 2022 Award, which recognizes companies’ actions in social responsibility, environment and governance. The company was included among the winners in the Agro, Food and Beverage category.

SLC Agrícola was awarded for the 3rd consecutive year as one of the best companies to work for in the agriculture segment by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) consultancy.

Our commitment to sustainability was recognized by a nationally important environmental award. We won the Expression Ecology Award, granted by Editora Expressão for the Integrated Management System (IMS) on our farms.

For the fourth consecutive year, SLC Agrícola won the “Best in People Management” award, promoted by Valor Econômico newspaper, in partnership with Mercer. The company is on the list of the five best companies in the category that it integrates, a recognition of the work developed in the management and development of people in the company.

SLC Agrícola won yet another recognition in the area of people management. The company is part of the “Best Companies to Work for in Rio Grande Sul 2021” ranking, carried out by the consultancy Great Place To Work (GPTW).

SLC Agrícola was recognized with the Quality Certification of the Work Environment, issued based on the result of the FIA Employee Experience (FEEx) survey.

SLC Agrícola has won yet another recognition for its investment in the training and development of its collaborators. Encontro Sul-Americano de Recursos Humanos [South American Human Resources Conference] (ESARH) granted the Company the ESARH Award, in the Projects category – People Management Modality, for the “Inclusive Education: continuous learning to challenge and transform” case . The award has been given by ESARH for over 40 years and recognizes the best practices in human resources with a commitment to disseminating knowledge and improving the work of organizations.

SLC Agrícola has always invested in the training and development of its collaborators. As recognition for these actions, the company was awarded the Top Human Being Award – 2020/21 edition, in the Organization category, held by Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos – seccional Rio Grande do Sul (ABRH-RS) [Brazilian Association of Human Resources – Rio Grande do Sul section], which recognizes organizations that value human beings as a strategic advantage for the growth of people and companies. The company was awarded for the “Inclusive Education: Continuous Learning to Challenge and Transform” case.

SLC Agrícola won for the fourth consecutive year, “The Best of Money” award, in the Agribusiness category, the recognition is given by the IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine. In addition to the Agribusiness category, SLC Agrícola was awarded first place for management models in Human Resources, Innovation and Quality and Social Responsibility. The company also won second place in Corporate Governance and third place in Financial Sustainability.

SLC Agrícola is the champion of the Agribusiness category of the 10th edition of the Época Negócios 360º award. This is the second consecutive year that the company has received this distinction. The survey is carried out in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral and assess more than 400 companies, from 25 sectors.

In 2021, SLC Agrícola was included in the list of the 100 most inspiring HRs in the Gupy Destaca Award, which values initiatives that inspire the future of work. Also under this award, the company gained prominence in the pillars of Development and Innovation in Attraction.

SLC Agrícola was recognized for its work with corn cultivation, winning the “Oustanding Farm of the Year”, in the Corn Producer category, one of the most popular Brazilian agribusiness awards.

For the second consecutive year, SLC Agrícola received one of the most important recognitions in People Management: the Amazing Places to Work award, from Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), in partnership with UOL. The award highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among their collaborators.

SLC Agrícola is part of the “Ranking 100 Open Startups”, carried out by the Open Startups business platform, which encourages innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing startups and large companies together. In addition to being part of the ranking, SLC Agrícola also entered the TOP 5 of agribusiness. The award recognizes the companies most engaged in open innovation in Brazil.

For the 4th consecutive year, SLC Agrícola ranks among the 3 best Companies in Latin America in the survey of the Latin America Executive Team (Small Caps) survey – agribusiness sector, conducted by the American journal Institutional Investor.

Fazenda Pantanal (MS) ranked 1st in the non-irrigated category of the 13th CESB Challenge of Maximum Soy Productivity with an index of 97.35 bags/hectare, with the Brasmax Challenge cultivar of SLC Sementes.

In 2021, SLC Agrícola was elected, once again, as one of the best companies to work for in the agricultural segment, ranking 5th in the Great Place To Work (GPTW) consultancy ranking, in the Large Companies – Agribusiness category.

SLC Agrícola received the trophy for the 1st place in net revenue in the sector ranking “Agribusiness” , in the “500 Maiores do Sul” award, delivered by Amanhã Magazine.

SLC Agrícola received the award for The Best of Dinheiro Magazine, ranking 1st in the Agribusiness sector.

SLC Agrícola was one of the winners of the RS 2020 Export Award, in the Outstanding Agriculture Sector category, delivered by ADVB/RS.

SLC Agrícola ranked 1st in the Agricultural Production in the Best of Agribusiness category, granted by Globo Rural Magazine.

SLC Agrícola was ranked 2nd in the Agriculture and Livestock sector of Estadão Empresas Mais, the largest and most complete business ranking in the country, in partnership with Austin Rating and FIA.

SLC Group

The SLC Group emerged in 1945 in the municipality of Horizontina (RS), as a small tool maintenance workshop for farmers in the region. Today, it is one of the largest business groups in Brazil, operating strongly in the agribusiness and agricultural machinery trade segments, through the companies SLC Agrícola and SLC Máquinas. It is present in several locations in Brazil, employs about 4 thousand employees and its annual revenue is over BRL 3 billion (2020). Go to www.slc.com.br to learn more.


In 2019, SLC Institute was created, which aims to act in the development of people, care entities and communities, preferably using education as a means to generate opportunities and possibilities for transformation in people’s lives. Click here to access it.

SLC Agrícola and its Joint Ventures

SLC LandCo

LandCo is an operation created by SLC Agrícola with the strategy of monetizing part of the real estate gain obtained over 30 years of land acquisition in the Cerrado [Brazilian savannah]. The British private equity fund Valiance is a partner in SLC LandCo, with a stake of currently 18.8%.

SLC Penido / Pioneira Farm

Unlike SLC LandCo, this joint operation is only focused on agricultural production (without investment in land), which brought SLC Agrícola a growth alternative with low investment and attractive return rates.


As in the case of the Joint Venture with the Roncador Group, this joint operation is only focused on agricultural production (without investment in land). It is a partnership of high strategic value, having one of the largest business groups in Japan as a partner.

Time Line

Our competitive advantages

Why has the Company become a reference in the world agricultural scenario?

SLC Agrícola has developed, over more than forty years of history, a business model based on operational efficiency and high production scale. The Company introduced modern management techniques in the Brazilian agricultural sector from the industrial sector. Below, we highlight some competitive advantages that support SLC Agrícola´s outstanding position in the global agricultural sector.

High operational efficiency

We understand that our productivity advantage is due to the combination of the factors listed below:

  • Cost structure and efficient operating cycle.

  • Production technology, with total mechanization of the planting and harvesting process.

  • Use of a crop rotation system, which provides lower incidence of pests and diseases and more efficient use of fertilizers.

  • Mastery of the no-till technique, a planting system that doesn´t disturb the soil and reduces the losses of soil, water and nutrients to negligible levels and provides a reduction in the cost of production, due to the lower use of machines in the crop.

  • Experience in correcting the chemical composition of the soil and in selection of the seeds.

  • Mastery of the technological package of inputs, which allows maximum technical efficiency.

Strategic and diverse locations

SLC Agrícola’s portfolio of properties is diversified, with the strategic location of its 23 production units in seven states of the Cerrado [Brazilian savannah]: Goiás, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia, Piauí and Minas Gerais. Diversifying the location of their properties minimizes potential regional climate risks and the incidence of pests and diseases.

Scale and standardization

The Company’s business model is based on the standardization of production in its various Farms, which includes adoption of the productive infrastructure, equipment, operational organization chart, administrative management and agricultural planning, allowing us to implement our expansion plan efficiently.

Experience and expertise in the purchase of land

SLC Agrícola was a pioneer in the development of crops in the Brazilian Cerrado [savannah]. We acquired skills in the process of assessing and purchasing farms at the country’s agricultural borders with high productive potential and real estate appreciation.

Qualified professional management

The managers of SLC Agrícola have extensive experience and deep knowledge of the agricultural sector and its production processes. Collaborator interests are aligned with those of the Company, to maximize results, following its principles of customer service with excellence, ethics and innovation.

Our control structure

The Grupo SLC is the majority shareholder of SLC Agrícola S.A., with 53% interest in the capital stock. Another 45% are freely traded (free float) on the Stock Exchange and 2% make up the current balance of treasury shares.