About us

SLC Agrícola, founded in 1977 by the SLC Group, produces cotton, soybean and corn, in addition to working with cattle raising, integrating crop-livestock. It is also SLC Sementes’ brand owner, wich produces all sell soy and cotton and seeds. It was one of the first companies in the sector with shares listed on stock exchanges in the world, making it a reference in its segment. The headquarters is in Porto Alegre (RS) and the 22 production sites are strategically located in seven Brazilian states.  In the 2020/2021 crop, the production reached about 470,000 hectares planted and the estimate for 2021/2022 crop is 660,000 hectares.


Big Dream and Values

“To positively impact future generations, through global leadership in agribusiness and respect to the planet.”

We believe that if we have passion for what we do we are committed, and do it with the highest quality, preserving our integrity through ethical, coherent and unquestionable conduct. These attitudes generate lasting relationships among all stakeholders, producing sustainable resultss that are economically viable, socially fair and environmentally responsible.

Our business model

The Company has opted for a hybrid business model, which can be subdivided into three basic approaches, listed below. We intend to continue expanding the business on these three fronts in order to take advantage of the synergies between them, guided by a culture of continuous improvement of our operation.

Agricultural operation on own developed land

This model represents most of the land in operation of the company. It was the original business model, acquired through decades of land acquisitions in the Cerrado region. Most of the land was acquired in a raw or partially developed state, and over the years, with the improvement of soil and sustainable agricultural production, we added great value to these assets.

Agricultural operations on leased land (and joint ventures)

Over time, SLC Agrícola saw the opportunity to maximize the use of its installed capacity through lease agreements with neighboring landowners or ones near the Company’s farms. Contracts with an average period of 7-8 years are made and paid indexed to the price of the soybean bag in Reais.

Acquisition of raw land for transformation and sale

The third business approach of SLC Agrícola is currently embodied in the subsidiary SLC LandCo, which was established in 2012 in partnership with the English private equity fund Valiance. This is the “real estate branch” of the Company, whose goal it is to be more active in the acquisition, transformation and sale of land.


In 2021, SLC Agrícola integrates the list of the 100 most inspiring HRs in the Gupy Destaca Award, which values initiatives that bring inspiration for the future of work. Also in this award, the company was highlighted in the pillars of Development and Innovation in Attraction.

For the second consecutive year, SLC Agrícola was one of the Companies to win the ANEFAC Transparency Trophy, for its transparency on the financial statements for the year 2017.

SLC Agrícola ranked 1st place in the Agricultural Production category in the Best of Agribusiness granted by Globo Rural Magazine.

For the 4th consecutive year, SLC Agrícola positions amongst the 3 best Latin American Companies in the Latin America Executive Team (Small Caps) – Agribusiness Sector Research, conducted annually by the American magazine.

The IR Magazine Awards is an award for investor relations and senior management professionals, consultants and analysts of its Companies. In 2018, SLC Agrícola won Best Investor Relations Program in the small caps category.

SLC Agrícola received the trophy for the 1st place in net revenue in the sector ranking “Agribusiness” , in the “500 Maiores do Sul” award, delivered by Amanhã Magazine.

SLC Agrícola was voted to be the best Agribusiness Company in 2018 by ISTOÉ Dinheiro magazine.



Once more, SLC Agrícola received the “Destaques A Granja” Award for being the Best Corn Producer in 2020.


SLC Agrícola ranked for the second time the 1st place in the Agricultural Production category in the Best of Agribusiness granted by Globo Rural Magazine.



SLC Agrícola received the award The best from Dinheiro Magazine, ranking 1st in the ranking of the Agribusiness sector.

SLC Agrícola ranked 1st in the Agricultural Production category in the Best in Agribusiness, granted by Globo Rural Magazine.



SLC Agrícola was ranked 2nd in the Agriculture sector of Estadão Empresas Mais, the largest and most complete business ranking in the country, in partnership with Austin Rating and FIA.


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SLC Agrícola was one of the winners of the RS 2020 Export Award, in the Agricultural Sector highlight category, delivered by ADVB / RS.

In 2021, SLC Agrícola was elected, once again, one of the best companies to work for in the agricultural segment, winning 5th in the ranking of the consultancy Great Place To Work (GPTW), in the Large Companies – Agribusiness category.

SLC Group

The SLC Group started in 1945 in the city of Horizontina (RS), as a small workshop that did the maintenance on the tools of farmers. Today, it is one of the largest business groups in Brazil, strongly operating in the segments of agribusiness and agricultural machinery trade, through the companies SLC Agrícola and SLC Máquinas. It is present in several locations in Brazil, employs more than 5,000 employees and has an annual revenue of close to R$ 3 billion (2017). Go to www.slc.com.br to know more.


In 2019, the SLC Institute was created, which aims to act in the development of people, welfare entities and communities, preferably using education to generate opportunities and possibilities for transforming people’s lives.  Click here and find out.

SLC Agrícola and its Joint Ventures

SLC LandCo

LandCo is an operation created by SLC Agrícola with the strategy of monetizing part of the property gain that has been obtained over the 30 years of land acquisition in the region of Cerrado. The English private equity fund Valiance is a partner of SLC LandCo, currently with 18.8% participation.

SLC - Roncador / Pioneira Farm

Unlike SLC LandCo, this joint operation is directed only to agricultural production (without investment in land), which brought a growth alternative with low investment and attractive return rates to SLC Agrícola.


As in the case of the SLC Roncador joint venture, this operation is directed only to agricultural production (without investment in land). This is a highly strategic partnership with one of Japan's largest business groups.

Time Line

Our competitive advantages

Why the Company has become a reference in the world agricultural scene?

During its forty years of history SLC Agrícola has developed a business model based on operating efficiency and large-scale production. The company introduced modern management techniques, originating from the industrial sector, into the Brazilian agricultural sector. We have highlighted below some of the competitive advantages that support SLC Agrícola’s leading position in the global agricultural sector.

High operational efficiency

We understand that our differential in terms of productivity is due to the combination of the factors listed below:

  • Cost structure and efficient operating cycle.

  • Production technology, with full mechanization of the planting and harvesting processes.

  • Using the crop rotation system, which provides a lower incidence of pests and diseases and more efficient use of fertilizers.

  • Technical mastery of direct planting, a planting system that does not require tilling the soil which reduces the loss of soil, water and nutrients to negligible levels and lowers the production cost due to less use of machinery on the farm.

  • Experience in correcting the chemical composition of soil and selecting seeds.

  • Mastery of the technological package of supplies, which allows for maximum technical efficiency.

Strategic and diverse locations

The property portfolio of SLC Agrícola is diverse, with the strategic location of its twenty-two production plants in seven states of Cerrado: Goiás, Mato Grosso, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia, Piauí and Minas Gerais. The diversification of the locations of its properties minimizes potential regional climate risks and incidence of pests and diseases.

Scale and standardization

The Company’s business model is based on the standardization of production on its various Farms, including the adoption of a productive infrastructure, equipment, operational organizational structure, administrative and agricultural planning, allowing it to implement its expansion plan efficiently.

Experience and competence in the purchase of land

SLC Agrícola pioneered the development of crops in the Brazilian Cerrado. We have acquired skills in the processes of evaluating and purchasing of farms in agricultural areas of the country with high yield potential and property appreciation.

Qualified professional management

SLC Agrícola’s managers have extensive experience and profound knowledge of the agricultural sector and its production processes. The interests of the employees are aligned with the Company, to maximize results, following the principles of customer service with excellence, ethics and innovation.

Our ownership structure