Our big dream

Positively impact future generations, being a world leader in efficiency
in the agricultural business and respect for our planet.

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SLC Agrícola

and its competitive advantages

The Company introduced modern management techniques in the Brazilian agricultural sector from the industrial sector. We highlight some competitive advantages that support SLC Agrícola´s outstanding position in the global agricultural sector. See on the side.

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  • High Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic and diversified location
  • Scale and standardization
  • Crop rotation system
  • Experience and expertise in the purchase of land
  • Qualified professional management

What we produce

SLC Agrícola has developed, over more than forty years, a business model based on operational efficiency and high production scale.

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Throughout its history, SLC Agrícola has developed solid expertise in prospecting and acquiring land on new agricultural frontiers.


Investor Relations

The Investor Relations area of SLC Agrícola has its own website with specific information for this audience.

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SLC Agrícola´s Production Model

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