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Parceiro Farm

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Parceiro Farm (Lat. 10° 33′ 42,976″ S and Long. 45° 26′ 59,204″ W), located in Formosa do Rio Preto, Bahia, has a total area of 42,075  hectares, being 27,564 ha owned land, 3,680 hectares owned by LandCo and 10,830 hectares leased area. Its planted area for the 2019/20 crop was 14,360 ha. 

Where we are

Find out how to get to Parceiro Farm

Leaving Formosa do Rio Preto (BA) via highway BR-135 in the direction of Cristalândia do Piauí (PI), drive along for about 15 km and then turn left on to highway BA-225 (the highway that allows access to the Coaceral region). Follow it for about 59 km then turn right on to the access road to the Farm and follow this road for another 8 km. Make a right turn and follow the road for another 6 km to arrive at the farm. Drive along for another 12 km to arrive at the offices.

BA 225 Road, Km 69 + 11 Km to rhe left throught Pimenta road. Distrito de Coaceral. Formosa do Rio Preto (BA). CEP 47.990-000

Aerial view of the Farm

History, projects and research


Parceiro Farm began its operations in 2012 with the total planted area of 1,497.84 ha of cotton, 3,984.12 ha of soybean and 10.56 ha of corn. Initially, the Farm had hardly any structure, consisting only of a shed where all the administrative activities, accommodations and dining room was. Currently, the new buildings provide more comfort and a better quality of life for the 77 employees.

Social projects

The main social projects and actions developed by the Parceiro Farm are concentrated in the cities of Formosa do Rio Preto (BA) and Cristalândia do Piauí (PI). The community vegetable garden is cultivated at Dr. Luiz Viana Filho Municipal School, it involves more than 100 students and produces vegetables that are intended for use by the school’s kitchen for the school lunches. Social actions are always directed towards underprivileged communities in the region, such as the Children’s Day event at Clóvis Nepomuceno Nogueira School.


Parceiro Farm has an area of approximately 50 ha used for field trials, which evaluate the behavior and response of agricultural crops to cultivation treatments, nutrition, control of pests, diseases and weeds, as well as the continuous evaluation of cultivars, varieties, hybrids and biotechnology available in the market. The main objective of these tests is to serve as a basis for making decisions on what the best options and techniques are to be used on the farm or in the region, aiming to raise the productive capacity of SLC Agrícola Farms.