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Palmares Farm

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Palmares Farm (Lat. 11° 48′ 49,004″ S and Long. 45° 38′ 41,990″ W), located in Barreiras, Bahia, has 33,011  hectares of total area, being  16,195 hectares owned land and 14,816 hectares leased area. Its planted area for the 2019/20 crop was 23,139 ha.

Where we are

Find out how to get to Palmares Farm

Leaving Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA) on highway BR 242 heading Tocantins, after driving 20 km turn right on BA, 460 heading Palmas (TO). Drive along for 45 km and on the clover to highway BR 459, turn right and drive more 27 km. At this point you can see a board showing the Farm entrance, 3 km on the right.

BA 459 Road, Km 131 + 4km to the right. Estrada do Café (Coffee Street). Barreiras (BA). CEP 47.819-899

Aerial view of the Farm

History, projects and research


Palmares Farm was acquired in 2008 and underwent a process of building restructuring to be adapted to the SLC Agrícola standard. The Farm has a staff of 257 permanent employees. The nearest town that maintains the logistic support of the unit is the town of Luis Eduardo Magalhães (BA). Palmares Farm has 3 offices which have accommodation, cafeterias, maintenance sectors and weigh stations, but the main office (Palmares II) is where the Farm’s general management is located.

Social projects

In 2017 Palmares Farm inaugurated the Digital Inclusion Space. The aim of this initiative is to democratize access to technology and distance education, bringing employees into the digital age and providing knowledge, with the aim of giving all people access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). The Farm volunteers also cultivate a vegetable garden helping to create income for APAE that supports 200 students.


Palmares Farm has an area of approximately 136 ha used for field trials which evaluate the behavior and response of agricultural crops to different cultivation treatments, nutrition, control of pests, diseases and weeds, as well as the continuous evaluation of new cultivars, varieties, hybrids and biotechnology available in the market.