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Crop-Livestock Integration

Starting with Fazendo Planorte (MT) in 2018, SLC Agrícola started to invest in the Crop-Livestock integration system (ILP). This production strategy integrates annual crop and livestock practices in the same space, generating a more stable environment in terms of physical, chemical and biological characteristics. In addition, the initiative contributes to the economic and environmental sustainability of the operations, as it makes it possible to obtain a kind of “third harvest”, while at the same time adding organic matter to the soil by planting pastures.

Farming and Livestock Integration

Understand the advantages

One of the competitive advantages of Brazilian agribusiness is the possibility of producing two grain harvests (soy and corn or cotton) in the same planted area. This technique increases the productivity of agricultural areas, generates value for producers and contributes to maintaining soil fertility throughout the year.

In 2020, SLC Agrícola expanded this operating model to also work with the planting pasture and cattle raising in some specific areas of the farms. These locations were selected for their lower yields with second crop harvests, but high potential for the development of grasses (brachiaria), which serve as food for cattle.

With this initiative, we started a virtuous cycle to maximize the use of assets. Last year, we carried out the crop-livestock integration in a total area of 925 hectares. Our strategy only contemplates performance in the second phase of the production cycle, called rebreed – without breeding or slaughter.

The current project includes the Planalto (MS), Pantanal (MS), Paiaguas (MT), Perdizes (MT), Pioneira (MT), Palmares (BA), Palmeira (MA), Planeste (MA) and Parnaíba (MA) farms.