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Piratini Farm

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Piratini  Farm (Lat. 13° 52′ 52,247″ S and Long. 45° 45′ 23,503″ W), located in Jaborandi, Bahia, has a total area of 25,356 hectares, being all owned land. Its planted area for the 2019/20 crop was 5,499 ha.

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Leaving the center of Posse (GO) via highway GO-446 in the direction of Correntina (BA), follow it for about 6 km, turn left on to highway BR-020 and drive along it for about 14 km.

Turn right on the access road and follow it for about 23 km turning left. Drive for another 43 km to arrive at the farm offices.

BR 020 Road, Km 305. Countryside. Jaborandi (BA). CEP 47.655-000


Aerial view of the Farm

A certified Farm

History and projects


Piratini Farm began its operations in the 2008/09 crop by planting soybeans. In 2011/12 crop, they began planting cotton and in the 2012/13 crop planted corn. Today, they plant soybeans and cotton and in the research area they also plant sorghum and castor. The farm is located in the municipality of Jaborandi (BA), but most employees live in Posse (GO), the city from which the unit receives great logistical support. In total, there are 168 employees.


Social projects

Social projects started around 2011, with the refurbishment of nurseries and the celebrations of commemorative dates such as Christmas and Children’s Day in conjunction with local charities. The actions are mainly carried out in Posse (GO), in the community where almost 80% of the employees live.