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Pioneira Farm

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Pioneira Farm (Lat. 12°6’5,301″ S and Long. 52°25’11,224″ W) based in Querência, Mato Grosso (MT) is part of the joint operation with the Roncador Group and has 19,804 hectares of agricultural area.

Our location

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Leaving Querência (MT) taking Rodovia MT-109 (northwest direction), go for approximately 11 km, turn right on the same highway and go for about 21 km. Turn left still on MT-109 and continue for another 20 km until you reach MT-110. Take a right and go for another 8 km, and then to the left for another 8 km, arriving at the access road to the Farm. Proceed for another 5 miles to the headquarters.

Estrada MT 109, s/n. Towards PA Coutinho União. Km 64 to the right. Zona Rural. Querência (MT). Zip Code 78.643-000

Pioneira Farm Aerial View

A certified Farm

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 45001 Certification

NBR 16001 Certification

History, projects and research


Pioneira Farm was founded on 03/25/2013 and is a Joint Venture with the Dois Vales group. In the 2013/14 harvest, 8,756.82 ha of soy were planted in the first harvest. In the 2014/15 harvest, more areas were opened. In the 2015/16 harvest, the planted area was 19,469.27 ha of soy and 7,568.88 ha of corn. Currently, with the new headquarters, the Farm has masonry accommodation with internal bathrooms, air conditioning, club and soccer field for the 93 collaborators.

Social projects

The Socioenvironmental Action Group (GAS) of Fazenda Pioneira began in 2015 with more than 20 participants. Among the projects, there was an itinerant cinema for the city of Querência, donation of toys to children and support for Pastoral da Criança of the municipality. The Farm developed a vegetable garden at Escola Estadual Coutinho União and renovated the playground in the municipal school of the same district.


The research area of Pioneira Farm occupies more than 98 ha. In these areas, studies are being conducted on the behavior and response of crops such as cotton, soy, corn, beans to crop treatments, nutrition, pest control, diseases and weeds, as well as the continuous assessment of varieties and biotechnologies available on the market. The main objective of these tests is to serve as a basis for decision making on the best options and techniques to be used at the Farm or in the region, aiming to increase the productive capacity of SLC Agrícola’s Farms.