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Parnaíba Farm

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Parnaíba Farm (Lat. 08°30’54,837”S S and Long. 46°04’37,646”W), with headquarters in Tasso Fragoso, Maranhão (MA), has 37,502 hectares of total area, of which 26,193 ha are private and  11,309 ha are leased.

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From downtown Balsas (MA) taking paved BR-330 after approximately 120 km, turn right onto the dirt side road. Go another 21 kilometers to the edge of the Farm. The headquarters is 10 km away.

Estrada MA 006, Km 120 s/n. Zona Rural. Serra do Penitente. Tasso Fragoso (MA). Zip Code 65.820-000

Parnaíba Farm Aerial View

A certified Farm

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 45001 Certification

NBR 16001 Certification

History, projects and research


Parnaíba Farm started in the 80s in a shed, where the cotton gin is currently located. In 1994, it planted cotton as an experiment, which was harvested by hand. In 2000, it began with a crop of 50 ha. Today, the Farm has three headquarters, a Cotton Processing Unit and a Grain Processing Unit. The Unit has headquarters in the municipality of Tasso Fragoso (MA).


Social projects

Volunteers from Parnaíba Farm (MA) started a project to encourage reading and writing at the Escola Ana Alves de Araújo Morais, located in the Paraíso community, in Tasso Fragoso (MA). The goal is to motivate and encourage students to make reading a habit and consequently improve writing. The project includes a writing and drawing contest in addition to weekly lectures.


Parnaíba Farm has an area of approximately 125 ha for field tests where the behavior and response of agricultural crops to crop treatments are assessed, in addition to phytotechnical tests assessing adaptability and stability of genotypes. Studies of nutrition, pest control, diseases and weeds have also been carried out.