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Parceiro Farm (Lat. 10° 33′ 42,976″ S and Long. 45°26’59,204″ W), located in Formosa do Rio Preto, Bahia (BA), has 38,177  hectares of total area, of which 31,244 ha are private and  6,933 ha are leased

Our location

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Leaving Formosa do Rio Preto (BA) taking the paved Rodovia BR-135 towards Cristalândia do Piauí (PI), go for approximately 15 km and take a left on Rodovia BA-225, a highway that gives access to the Coaceral region. Go for about 55 km, turn right on the access road and go 1 km, take a right and go another 4 km, arriving at the headquarters of the Farm.

Rodovia BA 225, s/n, Km 69 + 11 Km on the left of Estrada de Pimenta. Distrito de Coaceral. Formosa do Rio Preto (BA). Zip Code 47.990-000

Parceiro Farm Aerial View

A certified Farm

History, projects and research


Parceiro Farm started its activities in 2012 with a total planted area of 1,497.84 ha of cotton, 3,984.12 ha of soy and 10.56 ha of corn. At the start, the Farm was poorly structured, with only one warehouse where all administrative activities, accommodation and cafeteria were concentrated. Today, it has new headquarters that provides more comfort and quality of life for the 77 collaborators.

Social projects

The main social projects and actions developed by Parceiro Farm focus on the communities of Esperança in Cristalândia (PI) and Tabuas in Formosa do Rio Preto (BA). The Farm has two social projects in the schools of these communities that aim to encourage learning with toys, educational materials and theater, which serve to support teachers in didactics for learning for a group of more than 200 students.


Parceiro Farm has an area of approximately 60 ha for field tests where the behavior and response of crops such as cotton, soy, corn, beans to crop treatments, nutrition, pest, disease and weed control are assessed, as well as the continuous assessments of varieties and biotechnologies available on the market. The main objective of these tests is to serve as a basis for decision making on the best options and techniques to be used at the Farm or in the region, aiming to increase the productive capacity of SLC Agrícola’s Farms.