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Paladino Farm

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Paladino Farm, with headquarters in São Desidério, Bahia (BA) (Lat. 13°5’53,067″S and Long. 45°50’46,426″W), is part of the joint operation with the Mitsui Group in SLC-Mit, having a total area of 21,547 hectares.

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Leaving Rosario (BA) taking Rodovia BR 20 in the south – north direction, go 90 km, turn right and go about another 23 km, reaching the headquarters.

Rodovia BR 020 s/n. Sentido Brasília (DF)- Luis Eduardo Magalhães (BA) Km 88. Zona Rural. São Desidério (BA). Zip Code 47.820-000

Aerial View of Paladino Farm

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History and projects


Paladino Farm started its activities in November 2013, with a total planted area of 10,014.21 ha of cotton and 11,883.68 ha of soy. Currently, the planted area is 309.33 ha of soy, 10,393.79 of soy seeds, 10,317.41 of cotton and 865.21 of brachiaria. The Farm was initially unstructured, but the accommodations and the office have been renovated, with only a few houses and some furniture that needs to be renovated.


Social projects

Paladino Farm supports several community institutions. At Escola Municipal Paulo Câmara, in Roda Velha (BA), it holds an annual Children’s Day, with lectures about Pink October and Blue November. In São Domingos (GO), it carries out, in partnership with Correios [Brazilian mail service], the Solidarity Letter Campaign, where collaborators buy gifts for the children who sent their letters to Santa Claus. 


Paladino Farm has a station that began operating in November 2020, with a useful research area of almost 55 hectares. This research area was designed so that 100% of the tests use an experimental design of randomized blocks. This layout gives more security to the experimentation works conducted in the Unit. Currently, crops such as soy, corn, cotton, sorghum and ground cover crops are assessed.