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Planorte Farm

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Planorte Farm (Lat. 13°56’10,276″ S and Long. 58°53’57,250″W), located in Sapezal, Mato Grosso, has a total area of 23,454 hectares. Its planted area for the 2019/20 crop was 30,912.

Where we are

Find out how to get to Planorte Farm

Leaving the center of Sapezal (MT), head in a north-south direction via highway Nova Fronteira for about 23 km.
Turn right, and after 5 km, turn left. Drive along for another 19 km to arrive at the farm offices.

Nova Fronteira Road, Km 170. Countryside. Sapezal (MT). CEP 78.365-000

Aerial view of the Farm

History, projects and research


Planorte Farm began operations in the 1993/94 crop. Back then, they only planted soybeans. Today, they plant soybeans, cotton and corn for the 1st crop, and sunflower for the 2nd crop. In the initial structure, there was only a building where employees stayed. Today, the farm has more than 60 ha for office I and 33 ha for office II, having an administration office, sheds, cotton gin, warehouse etc. 

Social projects

Annually during the SIPATR week, employees from the Farm collect non-perishable foods, set food baskets and distribute these baskets to the Pastoral da Criança of the city of Sapezal and to the needy families in the same city. In 2017 the Digital Inclusion Space of Planorte Farm (MT) was inaugurated, democratizing access to technology and distance education, bringing employees into the digital age.


The research area of Planorte Farm covers more than 155 ha intended for studies applied to cotton, soybean, corn and sunflower crops. In the 2016/17 crop, an area was created to evaluate strategies for the development of sandy soils and to improve the efficiency of the utilization of the resources available in these soils. In the area with clay soil different strategies of crop rotation are being evaluated for the Unit / region.