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Parnaguá Farm

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Parnaguá Farm (Lat. 9° 5′ 58,236″ S and Long. 45° 37′ 1,670″ W), situated in Santa Filomena, Piauí, has a total area of 21,932 hectares all owned land. Its planted area for the 2019/20 crop was 10,250 ha.

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Leaving Santa Filomena (PI) via highway PI-254 in the direction of Gilbués (PI), drive along it for about 1 km, then turn left on to the side road and follow it for about 34 km. Turn left on to the access road to the farm, follow this road for another 3 km to arrive at the farm offices.

PI 254 Road, Km 02 + 46km left. Serra da Fortaleza. City de Santa Filomena (PI). CEP 64.945-000

Aerial view of the Farm

History, projects and research


Parnaguá Farm is situated in Santa Filomena, located in the Serra da Fortaleza (Fortaleza mountain range) in the southern part of the State of Piauí. It was acquired in 2008 with a total area of 20,755,388 hectares. It began cultivation in the 2012/2013 crop, with 2,629.69 ha and currently plants 8,414 ha of soybeans. The Farm has 49 employees.

Social projects

The Environmental Action Group (GAS) of Parnaguá Farm with the authorization of the Santa Filomena City Hall made improvements on the Municipal School Anitta Stider, located in the Povoado Sete Lagoas.


Parnaguá Farm has an area of approximately 58 ha used for field trials which evaluate the behavior and response of agricultural crops to cultivation treatments, nutrition, control of pests, diseases and weeds, as well as the evaluation of adaptability / stability of genotypes and hybrids.